10. William HENDERSON (10) emigrated in Sep 1852 from From Glasgow to Pictou,NS. He died on Apr 16 1931 in Westvill,NS. He was born 1844, Apr 16 in Lanark, Scotland. William Henderson,oldest son of Margaret, went to work at the age of 9 in the BYE PIT as company boy with the SULPHURMAN later known as the NIGHT EXAMINER. He was married to Mary GORDON on Sep 1 1864.

11. Mary GORDON was born on Dec 15 1845 in Stellarton, NS. She died in 1939. Children were:

child5 i. Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON.
child ii. Jane HENDERSON was born in 1865 in Albion Mines, NS.
child iii. Mary Ann HENDERSON was born on Jun 26 1866 in Port Morien, NS (Cow Bay).
child iv. Elizabeth HENDERSON was born in 1868 in Westvill,NS. She died in 1870 in Duff Pioneer Cemetart, Stellarton.NS.
child v. Agnes HENDERSON was born on Jun 6 1868. She died in 1870 in Duff Pioneer Cemetary, Stellarton.
child vi. James HENDERSON was born on Sep 30 1870 in Westville, NS.
child vii. Janet HENDERSON was born on Apr 25 1873 in Westville, NS.
child viii. John HENDERSON was born in 1877 in Westvill,NS.
child ix. Barbara HENDERSON was born on Jun 23 1879 in Westville, NS.
child x. Robert R HENDERSON was born on Feb 3 1881 in Westvill,NS. He died in 1970 in Westville. (11)
child xi. Harry HENDERSON (Private).
child xii. David HENDERSON (Private).
child xiii. Gordon HENDERSON (Private).

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