4. John Daniel MAC DONALD (1)(1) was born on Jul 23 1864 in New Glasgow, NS. (2) He died on Oct 11 1952 in Westville, NS. Worked at Albion Mine and Drummond Mine Retired as Mine Manager
Lived on NORTH Street, Westville,NS Buried Auburn Cemetery,Westville,NS #PW6 He was married to Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON on Jul 31 1895.

5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON (3) was born on Feb 26 1874. (4) She died June 30 1923 * in Westville ,NS. Grave Marker info See Picture She was buried in North St.Cemetery (Auburn), Westville,NS. Sometimes called LIZZIE Death information from Grave market, Westville cemetery, See picture
Auburn Cemetery,Westville,NS #PW6 Children were:

child2 i. Harry (RH) MAC DONALD.
child ii. John William MAC DONALD was born in 1898 in Westville. He died in 1957 in Montreal,PQ. John William worked for the Royal Bank of Canada.He ended his career as manager of the RB St.Catherine & McGill branch in MONTREAL.
child iii. Ruth MAC DONALD died on Oct 16 1992 in Sydney,NS.

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