8. Daniel John MAC DONALD was born in 1828 in Little Harbour,Pict.Co. NS. (6)(7) He died in 1876. (8) There is a Daniel Mac Donald in the 1838-41 census. b. Middle River,Pictou Co. 1804. Died Fox Brook,1872. Married to Christie Mac Donald,Father JOHN MAC DONALD, and mother, HANNAH Mac Donald.

The 1951 census for Pictou County shows Daniel with2 males under 10 ...1 Female 10-20 his wife between 20-30.A farmer living in Little Harbour.Religion;Presb.Church of NS He was married to Jane MUIRHEAD.

9. Jane MUIRHEAD was born in 1836 in Little Harbour,Pictou Co. She was Presby.(9) A Vincent Muirhead lives at Union Street, Westville B0A 2A0

1881 census shows Jane Mac Donald as a WIDOW

There is a JOHN MUIRHEAD in the 1838-41 census.B.Merigomish, 1794 d.Little Harbor, 12-15,1869. Father Andrew MUIRHEAD, Mother Betsy MUIRHEAD. Children were:

child4 i. John Daniel MAC DONALD.
child ii. John Daniel MAC DONALD.
child iii. Allan David MAC DONALD was born in 1867. Was age 14 in 1881 census #195
child iv. Hannah,Jane MAC DONALD was born in Dec 1868 in Westvill,NS. 1881 census shows age 11

1864-70 deaths shows Jane Hannah Mac Donald,father Daniel & Mother Jane.Also shows Jane Hannah died in Westville 10-16-1869 age 11 mos.(McConnell Library #929 Deaths Pictou County) She died Oct 16-1869 (11mos) in Westvill,NS. See previous note
child v. Charles MAC DONALD was born in 1873. 1881 census shows age 8

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