Baseball In Cape Breton

     June 23, 1938 and the Powerful Sydney Steel City Baseball Team
gets ready to play a game before a packed crowd of 6800 fans at
VICTORIA PARK, in Sydney's Northend. Highly classed as  AAA baseball,
the league was made up of New Waterford,Glace Bay,Sydney Mines,Dominion 
and Reserve. The start of WW#2 the next year,meant the end of the
Cape Breton Collery League.... never to return.

       NEXT PICTURE is the 1926Pier Panthers.We have no names.If you
do, please let us know.

     And the bottom picture....The Whitney Pier Jr.Ball Team....the
1932 Nova Scotia Champs.Here are some names;

Row#1  Chile Clark  Dan Gallivan  Tar Hartigan  John Mombourquette

Row#2  Mickey Gillis  Unk Baker  Scoop McDougall  John Gallagher

Row#3  Jerry Kehoe  Ellis Neville  Orville Neville  Butch Mury

     Our Thanks to Roddie Mac Dougall for these Pictures

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