The GRACIE (GRASSIE) Genealogy

Rita (GRACIE) Mac Donald,starts her genealogy with GABRIEL GRASSET, born in France in 1753.His son EMANUEL married Genevieve Chevary. Their son LAZARE was born in L'Ardoise,N.S. in 1786 and in 1814 married Archange MATHIAS.Their son FIDILE,born in 1818, had a son HUBERT whose son BENJAMIN born in GRACIEVILLE in 1877, was the first to use the name GRACIE.

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Murdock Fougere & Ann Mac Phee

Father & mother of S. FOUGERE & V. GRACIE. Victoria Gracie was the daughter of Selvertse GRACIE b. in Gracieville,Richmond County in 1847, and Marie Boudreau. Victoria was the mother of Elsie FOUGERE GRACIE, born in 1915 in New Victoria,Cape Breton.She married Hubert GRACIE and is the mother of Rita GRACIE MAC DONALD (above)