DURING THE 20's  and  30's, SYDNEY grew by leaps and bounds,thanks
to the STEEL PLANT. Joe AZAR, a prominent businessman who  lived on
RIGBY ROAD, operated the STUDEBAKER and AUSTIN auto franchises.The
building, on GEORGE STREET, next to present  MIDAS MUFFLER, also housed
a NEW BUSINESS to come later on...The Sydney and Whitney Pier Bus Co.

     In EARTHQUAKE struck SYDNEY and area,causing minor
damage,but a MAJOR SCARE.History notes this was the 1st and ONLY
one to ever hit  here.... streets were flodded(what else is new)...
merchandise fell from merchants shelves and the WASHING BROOK  
overflowed its banks...(again).

     One of the most popular and busiest GROCERS was 
A.N. Mac Donald located on ROCKDALE AVE.Until very recent years,
it remained a Grocery Store.Presently it is an apartment building.

                       WELL KNOWN BUSINESSES

 Sydney Motors   Ford Dealer   Where VOLKSWAGEN now stands
R.J.Logue Ltd    G.M. Dealer   Parking lot George & Pitt Sts
Elman Motors      Chrysler     Where Thornes on George St is

Gunn & Gunn          Lawyer       361 Charlotte St
Madden & Rosenblum   Lawyer       309 Charlotte St
M.A.Petterson        Lawyer        Bank of Comm.Bldg

Dr.Dalgleish         Dentist       Rear Charlotte St
Dr.Florian           Dentist       Travis Block

Don Buckley          Druggist       313 Charlotte St
George Slaven        Druggist        Ashby Corner
Iron City Pharmacy   Druggist       592 George St

Cape Breton Battery  Auto Parts     416 George St
Woodheads Garage     Auto Repairs   Prince St
Quirks Garage        Auto Repairs   Victoria Rd.

Brooks Store         Groceries      78 Dorchester St
Moffatt Bros.        Groceries      440 Prince St
Colborne Grocery     Groceries      Corner Argyle & George
Cosmopolitian Stores Groceries(6)   215 Charlotte St
Norman Gillis        Groceries      1381 Victoria Rd

Casino               Theatre        693 Victoria Rd
Capital              Theatre        345 Charlotte
Strand               Theatre          Charlotte St

Wenning & Campbell   Service Station  Townsend St
Subway               Service Station  Victoria Rd
Super                Service Station  George & Prince

London Grill         Restaurant        372 Charlotte
Strand Cafe          Restaurant        Oak Hall Building
Diana Sweets         Restaurant         216 Charlotte St


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