ROY FAMILY ...Pictou County Genealogy

Margaret ROY was the daughter of John ROY & Margaret PATTERSON. John ROY was born in Glasgow, SCOTLAND in 1804. Margaret PATTERSON, b. UK in 1805

From these are descended John Mac Donald and Elizabeth HENDERSON AND Harry,John W. and Ruth MAC DONALD and FRANCIS CULLEN.



1. John ROY was born in 1804 in Old Monkland Parish,Glasgow,Scotland. He emigrated in 1852 from To Abercrombie,Pictou,NS.

He was married to Margaret PATTERSON. Margaret PATTERSON was born in 1805. She emigrated in 1852. John ROY and Margaret PATTERSON had the following children:

+2 i. Margaret ROY. 3 ii. John Jr. ROY emigrated in Sep 1851 from Emigrated to Albion Mines (Stellarton) NS. He (or she) was born in Ayrshire,Scotland. 4 iii. James ROY emigrated on Apr 5 1852 from From Glasgow,Scotland to Pictou,NS. +5 iv. John (Jock) ROY. 6 v. Robert ROY. 7 vi. Janet ROY was born in 1829. 8 vii. James ROY was born in 1834. 9 viii. Annie ROY. 10 ix. William ROY was born in 1840. 11 x. Agnes ROY.


2. Margaret ROY was born in 1825/26 in Old Monkland Parish,Glasgow,Scotland. She emigrated in Sep 1852 from From Glasgow,Scotland to Pictou,NS. She died on Jun 23 1898 in Springhill,NS.

She was married to James HENDERSON in 1843. James HENDERSON died in 1851 in Ayrshire,Scotland. He was born in Old Monkland,Glasgow,Scotland. Margaret ROY and James HENDERSON had the following children:

+12 i. William HENDERSON. +13 ii. John HENDERSON. +14 iii. Elizabeth HENDERSON. 15 iv. James HENDERSON was born in 1851.

She was married to John MATHESON in 1853 in Pictou.NS. John MATHESON was born in 1811 in Pictou,NS. He died on Jul 9 1899 in Springhill,NS. Margaret ROY and John MATHESON had the following children:

16 i. Donald MATHESON was born in 1854 in Stellarton, NS. 17 ii. Janet MATHESON was born in 1858 in Stellarton, NS. 18 iii. Margaret Ann MATHESON was born in 1862 in Stellarton, NS. 19 iv. Mary Roy MATHESON was born in 1864 in Stellarton, NS.


12. William HENDERSON (1) (photo) emigrated in Sep 1852 from From Glasgow to Pictou,NS. He died on Apr 16 1931 in Westville,NS. He was born 1844, Apr 16 in Lanark, Scotland. William Henderson,oldest son of Margaret, went to work at the age of 9 in the BYE PIT as company boy with the SULPHURMAN later known as the NIGHT EXAMINER.

He was married to Mary GORDON (daughter of George Bradley GORDON) on Sep 1 1864. Mary GORDON (photo) was born on Dec 15 1845 in Stellarton, NS. William HENDERSON and Mary GORDON had the following children:

+48 i. Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON. 49 ii. Jane HENDERSON was born in 1865 in Albion Mines, NS. +50 iii. Mary Ann HENDERSON. 51 iv. Elizabeth HENDERSON was born in 1868 in Westville,NS. She died in 1870 in Duff Pioneer Cemetart, Stellarton.NS. 52 v. Agnes HENDERSON was born on Jun 6 1868. She died in 1870 in Duff Pioneer Cemetary, Stellarton. +53 vi. James HENDERSON. 54 vii. Janet HENDERSON was born on Apr 25 1873 in Westville, NS. 55 viii. Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON was born on Feb 26 1874 in Westville, NS. 56 ix. John HENDERSON was born in 1877 in Westville,NS. 57 x. Barbara HENDERSON was born on Jun 23 1879 in Westville, NS. 58 xi. Robert R HENDERSON was born on Feb 3 1881 in Westville,NS. 59 xii. Harry HENDERSON was born in 1882 in Westville, NS. 60 xiii. David HENDERSON was born on Dec 4 1885 in Westville, NS. 61 xiv. Gordon HENDERSON was born on Jul 8 1888 in Westville,NS.


48. Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON (2) (photo) was born in 1874. She died June 30 1923 * in Westville ,NS. Grave Marker info See Picture Sometimes called LIZZIE Death information from Grave market, Westville cemetery, See picture

She was married to John Daniel MAC DONALD (son of Daniel John MAC DONALD and Jane MUIRHEAD) on Jul 31 1895. John Daniel MAC DONALD (photo) was born in 1864 in New Glasgow, NS. He died on Oct 11 1952 in Westville, NS. Worked at Albion Mine and Drummond Mine Retired as Mine Manager Lived on NORTH Street, Westville Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON and John Daniel MAC DONALD had the following children:

+79 i. Harry (RH) MAC DONALD. 80 ii. Robert Henry (Harry) MAC DONALD was born on Nov 18 1899 in Westville, NS. +81 iii. John William MAC DONALD. +82 iv. Ruth MAC DONALD.

She was married to Ben CULLEN (son of Thomas CULLEN and Mary ?? (CULLEN)) on Apr 11 1891 in New Glasgow, NS. Ben CULLEN (photo) was born in 1867 in Little Harbor,NS. He died in Jul 1893 in Westville,NS. Elizabeth (Lizzie) HENDERSON and Ben CULLEN had the following children:

+83 i. Francis CULLEN.


79. Harry (RH) MAC DONALD (photo) was born on Nov 18 1899 in Westville,NS. He died in Sydney,NS. Born Westville, NS 1899 Moved to Inverness 1917 (approx) Worked in coal mine and later went to New waterford,Ns. Worked for Royal Bank, moved to Sydney,NS and worked for Arthur Burchill,owner of Cape Breton Battery & Vulc.Co.Ltd. Purchased company from Burchill in 1952.

He was married to Sarah Ann (Sadie) MAC DONALD (daughter of Angus MAC DONALD and Mary MAC LEOD) in Sydney,NS. Sarah Ann (Sadie) MAC DONALD (photo) was born on Apr 16 1903 in St.Anns,NS. She died on Mar 29 1941 in Sydney,NS. She was buried on Apr 3 1941 in Hardwood Hill,Sydney,NS. Harry (RH) MAC DONALD and Sarah Ann (Sadie) MAC DONALD had the following children:

+84 i. Phyllis Dorothy MAC DONALD. +85 ii. Lloyd Erwin MAC DONALD.

Pictou County Mac Donalds

John D. Mac Donald at rear,left, then sons John W and Harry. Center row,middle,Bob Mac Donald,son of John W.then,Grandmother Fanny and Sue,mother of Bob. Front row, left ,Russell Hawkins,husband of Ruth, and daughter Brenda.

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