Angus MAC ASKILL,from ENGLISHTOWN,CAPE BRETON, was born in Harris, on the Island of LEWIS in 1825.He came from an average sized family,and came to Cape Breton with his family at an early age.In 1849 ANGUS joined the BARNUM circus, where, it is said, he teamed up with TOM THUMB.

Angus grew to 7feet 9 inches in height,and is reported in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS as the tallest man who ever lived...a true giant with no growth abnormalities.

His feats of strength have been noted in many books and essays...such as lifting a 2800 pound anchor chest high and carrying a 300 pound pork barrell under each arm. His father was Norman MAC ASKILL, and his mother,Christina CAMPBELL. The exact time of ANGUS’ arrival in Cape Breton is unknown, but was probably between 1830 and 1835. As a youth,ANGUS was normal in size,but began to grow rapidly as a teen ager and was 7 feet,4 inches at age 20, reaching his full height within another year or two. Angus,planning a trip to Halifax, became very ill.He was diagnosed with “fever of the brain”.Within a week,,ANGUS died,with his family and minister,Rev.Abraham Mac INTOSH, on hand.(See transcriptions)




Dan CARMICHAEL 1859-1927 and his wife Catherine 1853-1922 Lt.Col.William Bingham of the 94th Argyle Highlanders b. Belfast Ireland 1840 d.Dec. 1911 and his wife Sarah Geizer b. Halifax 1840-1909 George E. Fader 1855-1930 and his wife Isabel 1851-1916 Roger William Edge, Ferry Hill Bristol,Rhode Island d. 1914 age 28 Mabel Fader Wife of Roger Wm EDGE 1881-1954 Angus MAC KENZIE d.1914 at age 63 George MAC KENZIE d. 1915 age 57 Roderick B. MAC LEOD b.Dec. 1898-d. Mar 1900 Kennora M. MAC LEOD 1897-1900 Beloved children of Kenneth & Sara Catherine MAC KENZIE wife of Angus MacRitchie d. 1904 age 63 John MAC AULAY 1811-1875 and his wife Sarah MAC LEOD 1818-1870

Sarah MAC AULAY 1846-1866 Flora MAC AULAY 1863-1872 Annie ROSS wife of Rev.MacIntosh Stornaway,Scotland 1822-1884 Rev. A. MAC INTOSH Pastor of St.Anns and North Shore for 33 years d.1889 at age 68 Rev.Abraham MAC INTOSH 1st native Cape Bretoner to be inducted into a Presbyterian congreation on Cape Breton in 1856 at St.Anns Donald MORRISON d. 1908 at age 76 also his 2 wives Catherine MORRISON and Catherine MAC LEOD Annie MAC LELLAN wife of Allan Mac Lean 1906-1993 and son John C. MAC LEAN 1921-1944 and an infant who d. 1927 Sadie C. CAMPBELL wife of Allan MAC Lean 1895-1930 Allan MAC LEAN 1888-1954 Torquil Mac LEAN d. 192? at age 81 and his wife Sarah MAC LEAN Dan J.MAC LEAN beloved son of Torquil and Sarah MAC LEAN d.1918 at age 21 years

Edward,beloved son of Torquil and Sahah MAC LEAN d.1913 at age 19 Neil MORRISON b. Harris Scotland 1828-1894 Mary Mac Lean MORRISON wife of Malcolm B. Morrison 1879-1931 Malcolm B. MORRISON 1872-1945 Margaret MORRISON 1838-1825 Jane MORRISON Daughter of Angus Morrison d.1886 at 11 months Malcolm C. MORRISON d. 1896 at age 23 Wilfred MORRISON 1896-1917..killed in France WW#1 Mary E. MORRISON wife of John G. MORRISON d.1908 age 44 Clark MORRISON 1880-1914 William SMITH 1860-1901

Mary Smith 1863-1908 Roary Smith 1813-1911 and wife Christy MAC ASKILL 1820-1912 Sarah Mac Donald MAC ASKILL wife of Donald MAC ASKILL 1836-1930 Donald MAC ASKILL d. 1905 at age 76 Dan C. MAC ASKILL d.1913 at age 45

ANGUS MAC ASKILL The Nova Scotia Giant d. St Anns August 1863 at age 38 7ft. 9 inches in height Girth 90 inches Weight 425 lbs. Born in HARRIS,Scotland,in 1825

Norman MAC ASKILL d.1881 at age 98 and his wife CHRISTINA MAC ASKILL d. 1873 at age 80 both natives of Harris Phillip MAC LEOD d. 1876 at age 50 Margaret MAC LEOD d.1928 Donald MAC LEAN d. 1895 at 49 years Donald MAC LEOD OF Assynt,Scotland d. 1869 at age 44 and his wife Isabella MAC LEOD Of South Gut d. 1860 at age 35

Rupert JACKSON 1884-1903 and his wife Sarah J. 1860-1941 Robert B. JACKSON 1896 -1937 Henry Rupert son of J. Peter and Lucy Morash d. 1869 Donald MAC LEOD d. 1911 at age 93 and his wife Mary MAC LEOD d.1916 at age 87 Annie MAC LEOD of Assynt,Scotland d.1896 at age 68

Peter MAC DONALD Sept 1821-July 1878 and his wife Annie MAC KAY 1836-1921 Their Daughters Sarah 1873-1889 Effie 1875-1899

Angus J. MAC RITCHIE 1839-1923 And wife Mary Alice SELLON 1847-1933 and daughter Mary Elenor 1873-1875

Mac Donald/MAC LEOD North Shore GENEALOGY

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