BRETON COVE & North Shore Pioneer & Mac ASKILL FAMILY

Pictured above.... a small community cemetery located just beyond the
Breton Cove sign, heading north. Just past the closed-up store on
your right,turn into the first driveway and go about .7 Km to the
water.Park here.To your right is a defined path that climbs up
the hill to the cemetery.


Effie MAC INNIS  wife of Donald Mac Aulay May 1835... March 1871
Norman Mac INNIS b. Jan  1840 d. Sept 19 1912
Norman MAC INNIS  d. July 23  1914 at age 73
 Mrs.Murdock MATHESON  d. July 1888 at age 57
Murdock MATHESON  d. Jan. 1893 at age 62
John MAC INNIS  b. Aug.1838 d.Nov 3  1914 and his wife
Mary MAC INNIS b. 1842 d. 1922
Margaret wife of  Dan E. MAC INTOSH  d.1887 at age 28
Angus  MATHESON  b.1833 d. 1894
Mary CAMPBELL  wife of Angus MATHESON b. 1842 d. 1911
Bella wife of Norman MAC INNIS b. 1840  d. 1912



PARK,JUST AFTER INDIAN BROOK... Present road to Cemetery is closed off.
Park in Picnic area, and walk up hill to Cemetery.

John MAC DONALD b.1833  d.1918 and wife
Sarah MAC DONALD  1847-1918
Angus MAC DONALD  1832-1909 And his son 
Daniel M. MAC DONALD  1883- 1908
Jane, wife of Angus MAC DONALD  d. Oct 1886  at age 48
Duncan MAC DONALD  1839-1903 and wife
Jessie BROWN 1848-1887 and daughter
Jessie 1895-?
Catherine MAC DONALD   d.Dec 1918 at age 82
Donald MAC DONALD  d.Dec 14,1917 at age 91
Archibald BUCHANAN  1871- 1943 and his wife
Mary 1862-1959

Neil MATHESON  d. June 1878 at age 20
Sarah Matheson   wife of Angus MATHESON d. 1881 age 60 native of
                                  Rosshire, Scotland
Angus MATHESON  b. Isle of Lewis  D.Feb 5, 1890 at age 81
Mary, wife of Kenneth MATHESON d. 1912 at age 73
Kenneth MATHESON  1842-1915
Janie May MAC LEOD  1899-1976
Neil J. MAC DONALD  d.1930 at age 17
Agnes Dolena MAC DONALD d, 1933 at age 22
Angus D. MAC DONALD 1868-1915 and wife
Sarah 1872-1960
Donald Angus MATHESON  1924-1930
Sarah Mac Donald MATHESON 1886-1951 Wife of A.J. MATHESON 1889-1980

Annie MATHESON  1950-1951


Located about 1 mile south of North Shore Picnic Park,on left side,
heading NORTH.About 300 feet from Highway, can be seen from road.


Malcolm MAC ASKILL 1909-1979
Murdock MAC ASKILL Sept 1923-Mar 4  1979
Angus Alexander MAC ASKILL 1928-1986
Normac Angus MAC ASKILL 1924-1993
Kenneth MAC ASKILL 1876-1963
 and wife
JESSIE B. 1883-1976
James MAC ASKILL Oct 1914-June  1974
Kenneth John MAC ASKILL  Drowned in Lake Erie Nov 1956 b. May 1920
Daniel MAC ASKILL  1917-1968 Home

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