Born on the NORTH SHORE, Cape Breton,Kate Margaret (KIT) was married
in Sept. 1932 in Truro,Nova Scotia, to Douglas BAYER.Moving to Sydney, 
they had 2 children .. Frank and Ian.

        Below....Doug Bayer


21. Kate Margaret MAC DONALD (photo) was born in Indian Brook, North Shore, NS. She
died in Sydney,NS.

She was married to Douglas BAYER in Sep 1932 in Truro,NS. Douglas BAYER (photo) was
born on Jan 13 1906 in Sydney,NS. Birth and marriage information received from Doug,1997,
March 29th Kate Margaret MAC DONALD and Douglas BAYER had the following children: 

      +40 i. Frank BAYER. 
      +41 ii. Ian BAYER.


A brutal legacy of the late 18th and early 19th centuries is still etched in the minds of the people of the Highlands today. During what became known as the ''Highland Clearances'', tens of thousands of men, women and children were evicted, often violently, from their homes to make way for large scale sheep farming. In some areas, whole glens were cleared, which today are as silent as they must have been when the landlord's factors had finished ruthlessly carrying out the orders of their masters. Homes were burnt and tenants forced to leave at the point of a sword or musket, carrying little or nothing as they headed towards a life of poverty and hunger. There were two distinct types of 'clearance'. The first was forced settlement on barren land usually near the sea. The crofts, as these plots of land became known, had very poor agricultural potential which the gentry wrongly assumed would be compensated for by fishing and seaweed harvesting, or kelping as it was called. The second type of 'clearance' was often prompted by the failure of the crofts to produce a living for the Highlanders. It was a hopeless situation for many. The sheer number of people pushed to the coast coupled with huge rent increases, over-fishing and over-kelping resulted in destitution and starvation. When, in 1846, the potato crop failed many were left with no alternative but to migrate south or emigrate to the colonies. Add Me!
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