Some of the original SCOTTISH SETTLERS are buried here.Travelling north 
from ENGLISHTOWN FERRY, you will come to FRENCH RIVER BRIDGE...almost to
WRECK COVE. Approx.50 M. before the bridge is a large Cape Cod type home
with 2 dormers. Just before this home is an older 2 storey farm home.Across the street
from this home, is a driveway.Follow this driveway to the left,
for about 1 Km to the cemetery.A good,well maintained road,

                     T R A N S C R I P T I O N S

Neil R. MAC DONALD  1893-1981
Christene TOOMEY 1896-1985  and son
Allister  1922 and son
Ted    1920-1994
Evelyn L Mac Innis  1905- 1988 and brother
Malcolm  1902-1989
Christene MAC INNIS  1874-1962 wife of
Archibald TOOMEY  Sapper RCE d. Nov 1991 at age 71
Murdock John MAC INNIS 1902-1979 
Donald Mac Innis  husband of Virginia  1940-1993
Norma Mac Donald  1932-1994   m.Oct 1962
Mary Jane MAC DONALD  1890-1953 wife of
Murdock J. MAC DONALD  1882-1958
Sandy MAC KAY  1951-1993
Clarence W. MAC INNIS 1916-1977

Robert C. MAC INNIS  1954-1959 son of Clarence & Mary
Malcolm A.  URQUHART  1911-1988
Elizabeth Ann URQUHART  1964-1965 daughter of John T. and Ruth URQUHART
Anna Belle URQUHART  1910-1958
John T. Urquhart 1910-1983
Frederick Tasker  MAC DONALD  1903-1969
Donald N. MAC DONALD  1846-1927 and wife
Jessie  1864-1943
Henry Franklin WADDEN  1933-1994
John D. MAC DONALD  1849-1926
Katie URQUHART  1856-1938
Malcolm  URQUHART  1862-1923 and wife 
Katie Ann 1888-1978
Donald C. MAC LEAN  1889-1913
Neil J. MAC DONALD  1882-1932
John Angus MAC DONALD  1895-1918
Rory S. MAC DONALD  1888-1909
Sarah A. 1893-1912
Roderick MAC DONALD  1894 at age 36 years
Murdock MAC DONALD  Dec 1888-Oct 1896
Roderick J. MAC DONALD  Aug 1882-Jan 1908
John X. MAC DONALD  1859-1948 and wife 
Mary URQUHART  1863-1938 and son
Murdock J.  1899-1927

Angus J. SMITH  1887-1962 and wife
Margaret  1889-1976
Colin SMITH  1848-1936 and wife
Jessie  MAC LEOD  1859-1951
Mary SMITH  1890-1956
Effie SMITH  1895-1972
John MAC DONALD  Nov 1907-Feb 1996
Norman MAC DONALD 1862-1949 and wife
Christie 1865-1926
Katie MAC DONALD  wife of Alexander MAC DONALD d.Apr 1919 at age 64
Dan J. MAC DONALD  1877-1930 and wife
Annie  1881-1954
 and son
 Neil  1909-1931
Elliot MAC DONALD  Dec 1937- Oct 1984
Angus N. MAC DONALD  1876-1911 and wife
Margaret  1880-1942
Roderick H. MAC DONALD d. Apr 1918  at age 73  and wife
Sarah  1852- 1939
Christie R. MAC QUEEN   d. Jan 1902  at age 23
Norman Mac DONALD  1825-1902 "One of first North Shore settlers" & wife
Christie  1827-1912  & Children
Rachael   1848-1888
Daniel  1846-1918
Mary Ann  1850-1936

Thomas MAC DONALD  d.Mar 1926  at age 81  and wife
Katherine  d. Feb 1947   at age 94
John A. MAC DONALD  d. Oct 1912  at age 17
Alexander T. MAC DONALD  May 1884-Nov. 1948 and wife
Mary  1887-1967
Rachael MAC DONALD   wife of Angus T. MAC DONALD d. 1918 at age 30
Angus T.MAC DONALD   Apr 1877- Apr 1948
Thomas MAC DONALD  1897-1979
Alexander URQUHART   d.Nov 1918 at age 93 and wife
Mary  d. 1923 at age 92(erected by ladies of North Shore)
Daniel URQUHART  1875-1944 and wife
Sarah MAC INNIS 1877-1966 their son
John  1900-1914 and daughter 
Jessie  1911-1918
John William KEIGAN   1926-1997
Kenneth Peter KEIGAN  1948-1975
Kenneth J. MAC QUEEN  1883-1946 and wife
Mary Belle  1896-1957
Katie MAC KINNON  1888-1948



Beautiful PINEHILL Cemetery

About 3 Km from the Englishtown Ferry, heading North, at RIVER
BENNETT, is a magnificiently beautiful and super maintained
cemetery...PINEHILL. Located on the left side,the sign is
readily seen...

                      PINEHILL TRANSCRIPTIONS

John W. MAC LEOD 1899-1963 and daughter
Norma Kerr MAC DONALD 1928-1985
Mary Ann KEIGAN 1891-1972
George MAC NEIL  1881-1947 and wife
Grace  1869-1946
Capt. John MAC KENZIE  1854-1935 and daughter
Margaret MAC KENZIE  d. Feb 1926 at 18 years
Margaret MAC KENZIE  May 1876- June 1962
Donald J. BUCHANAN  1903-1959 and wife
Elizabeth A. 1913-1946 and sons
A.Fraser  1938-1962
Arthur W.  1933-1978 and Grandmother
Grace HINES 1896-1948

Murdoch SMITH  1857-1926
Donald MONTGOMERY  1872-1952 and wife
MARTHA Annie MAC RITCHIE 1878-1915
Marie Margaret MONTGOMERY  1904-1909
Mary A. MACDONALD  MAC LEOD wife of John D. MAC LEOD 1869-1936
Angus MAC DONALD  1864-1951
John A. Smith  1882-1911
Norman A.SMITH  1884-1914
Peter MAC INNIS 1881-1948 and wife
Margaret MAC DONALD 1877-1915 and son
John William 1908-1926
Dan John MAC LEOD  1887-1939
John W. MAC LEOD  1860-1952 and wife
Jessie 1859-1945
Murdoch H. MAC LEOD  1889-1968
Malcolm Angus Mac Leod  1897-1984
Arthur BUCHANAN  1864-1946 and wife
Effie MAC INNIS  1877-1960
John A. BUCHANAN  Apr 1915-Sep 1973
David Matheson MORRISON  1921-1992
Daniel M.Morrison  1894-1968
Margaret Catherine infant daughter of Malcolm and Catherine MORRISON
       d.Jan.1952 and mother
Catherine MORRISON 1915-1979

Duncan M. CARMICHAEL  1904-1926
           CARMICHAEL  1873-1935 and wife
Rhoda  1881-1966
Archibald CARMICHAEL  d.Oct5,1914  at age 86 years  and wife
Sarah MAC LEOD  d. Mar 1919 at age 87
John MUNROE  1830-1905 and wife
Margaret  1834-1914
Norman L. MUNROE  1872-1951 and wife
Margaret  1881-1952
Claudia  1901-1912  and baby girl 1911
Carnot 1916-1939 lost at sea
Allan 1909-1941  lost at sea
Angus J. MAC AULAY  1879-1920 and wife
Mary Ann Mac Aulay UNDREY  1880-1952 AND 2 infant children
Donald SMITH  1838-1900 and  wife
Jemima MORRISON  1854-1911 and family
John C. 1877-1898
Annie  1880-1900
Mary A.MAISIE  SMITH  1880-1956
John N. SMITH d.Jan 15,1905 at age 51
Murdoch R. MAC LEOD  1866-1955
William MAC LEOD  1818-1912 and wife
EFFIE  1830-1904
Billy DAVIS  1945-1948
Dan  W. MAC LEOD  1864-1947 and wife
Peggy Margaret 1896-1974
A.W. MAC LEOD  (Tarbot) 1871-1945
John Murdoch CARMICHAEL  1913-1993 and wife
RACHAEL  1910-1956
Daniel J. CARMICHAEL  1877-1936 and wife
Annie B  1888-1960
John CARMICHAEL  B. Lewis,Scotland 1837-1922
 and wife
Jessie BAIN  1843-1927
John J. CARMICHAEL  1872-1964
William CARMICHAEL  1871-1951
Norman SUTHERLAND  1847-1934  and wife
Margaret  1866-1935
Harriet MUNROE  wife of Kenneth MAC AULAY   d.1910 at age 92 years
Donald M.MAC AULAY d. 1917 at age 72 and wife
Christie  1854-1926 and daughter
Annie  1893-1918
Alexander D. NICHOLSON  1870-1951 and wife 
Effie B. 1885-1982
Murdoch NICHOLSON  (unable to read dates) and wife
Annie GRADE(unable to read)
Wilena Mac Leod  MAC LEAN  1882-1958 wife of 
Alexander MAC LEAN  1873-1966
John A. MAC LEOD 1882-1944
and wife
Christie B. 1887-1972
Murdoch BUCHANAN  1876-1951 and wife 
Annie  1882-1960 and son
Murdoch John  1912-1916
Malcolm MAC IVOR   d.1907 at age 69
Malcolm MAC DONALD b. in Harris,Invernesshire,Scotland d.1892,72 yrs
             "he was a consistant member of the presby church"
John BUCHANAN  1826-1901 and wife
Annie MAC DONALD  1839-1918 and their son
John J. 1859-1916  and his wife
Sarah MONTGOMERY  1863-1955
Murdoch BUCHANAN  1868-1935
Christie Ann MAC INNIS  1889-1946 wife of Kenneth J. MAC INNIS
Kenneth M. BUCHANAN 1892-1974
Kenneth BUCHANAN  d. Dec 14, 1902 at age 80
Catherine BUCHANAN  d. 1876 at age 10
Margaret MONTGOMERY  d. Nov.1878 at age 26  children of Kenneth and
                                  Jane BUCHANAN
K. N. MONTGOMERY  d. Oct 1886 at age 9 son of Malcolm and
                                          Margaret MONTGOMERY
Isabella Mac Leod CAMPBELL  born at North River 1852 d. at Indian
                                Brook  1876
Malcolm BUCHANAN   d. Dec 1919  at age 48 and wife
Isabella  1879-1968 and thier son 
John K. BUCHANAN  1905-1941
Murdoch G. MAC RITCHIE 1907-1988
Dan J. MAC RITCHIE  1873-1949 and wife
Mary MAC LEOD  1876-1954
Murdoch John MAC DONALD  1916-1962 and infant son
Fred  Aug 17,1954-Sept 29,1954
Dan M. MAC DONALD d. July 4,1945 at age 82 years and wife
Margaret A. 1878-1965
Murdoch A. MORRISON  1890-1925
Neil MAC DONALD d. Nov 1910 at age 80
John A. MAC DONALD 1874-1933 and wife
Catherine 1884-1977 their sons
Murray 1919-1944 lost at sea
Kenzie 1923-1931
William BREWER 1861-1932 and his wife
Annie BUCHANAN 1862-1948 and daughter
Margaret 1894-1945

William MAC LEAN  Indian Brook 1838-1917 and his wife
Christie BUCHANAN 1845-1918 and daughter
Annie  no date
William BUCHANAN  d. July 1889 at age 48
Murdoch BUCHANAN  1812-1899 and wife
Christina 1814-1911
Malcolm NICHOLSON  born in Lewis,Scotland  and his wife
Catherine    (no dates)
Murdoch MORRISON  1836-1897 and wife
Sarah SMITH 1843-1935
William SMITH  1849-1939 and wife
Mary MUNROE d.  1903 at age 52
Malcolm SMITH d. Nov 1912 at age 28
Ethel M. WHITNEY 1917-1919
William SMITH 1914-152
Mary SMITH  1886-1971 wife of 
Alex.SMITH  1889-1975
Angus M. MAC DONALD 1866-1956 and wife
EFFIE SMITH  1871-1948
Murdoch J. SMITH  1867-1949 and wife
Catherine 1884-1958
Murdock M. MC DONALD 1868-1942 and wife
Christie Ann 1876-1961
Andrew SUTHERLAND  d. 1927 at age 65 and wife
Annie  1879-194?
Angus J. SMITH 1869-1945 and wife
Sarah 1887-1956 and Infant son  

Daniel J. SHAW
Heather Louise Fowler  MAC DONALD  1848-1982
Roderick  MATHESON 1919-1995
Sarah Elaine MATHESON 1954-1973
Angus R. Gussie MAC AULAY 1915-1986
Dan John SMITH  1910-1976
Donald J. SMITH  1896-1972
and wife
Annabelle 1912-1996
Angus J. MAC LEOD  1892-1975 and wife
FRANCES D. 1895-1981

Thomas F. MAC NEIL 1907-1993 and wife
Murdena Mac Lean MAC NEIL  1901-1985
Marcella Belle SMITH  1921-1968
Sarah BUCHANAN   wife of Dan Alex 1918-1982
E.S. BARRINGTON 1864-1963
Jean S. BARRINGTON  1890-1972
Harry M. MONTGOMERY  1907-1992
Rev. Joseph CATHCART  1898-1967 and wife
Florence MORRIS 1897-1994
Georgie B. MONTGOMERY 1902-1977 and husband
JOHN  1911-1989
Angus Malcolm MONTGOMERY  1913-1989 and wife
Christene Mae 1924-1992
Margaret C. Mac Lean  MAC AULAY 1902-1969
daughter of Angus J. and Mary A. MAC AULAY
Norman D. MAC AULAY  1907-1985 and wife
Gladys L. 1917-1989
Murray E. MUNROE  1917-1982
John Roy MUNROE  1905-1965
Claude MUNROE 1913-1978
Ernest C. MUNROE  1922-1979
 (interred in Montreal Que.)
Derek Alexander MAC LEAN  1969-1978 and infant brother
Glen 1964-1964
Kenneth MAC DONALD  1879-1965
John J. MAC DONALD  1875-1957
James W. MAC DONALD  1904-1977

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