Indian Brook,Victoria County,N.S.Cemetery

This small cemetery located about 2Km from the Indian Brook Bridge,on the water side(the right side from Englishtown Ferry). at NORTH SHORE. ALSO TRANSCRIBED TO THESE PAGES are the PINEHILL Cemetery,River Bennett,the Mac Donald Memorial Cemetery at North Shore and the Pioneer FRENCH RIVER CEMETERY at WRECK COVE,(French River).Two other small cemeteries have been located in BRETON COVE,and have been transcribed on the following page.

Transcriptions of Indian Brook Cemetery

Christie Ann MAC LEOD 1869-1903 wife of Peter A. MAC INTOSH

Margaret Mac Intosh MAC LEOD 1893-1954

Sergent Kenneth MAC LEOD 260 Battn. C.E.F.March 10-1988 Age 91

Angus MAC PHERSON 1860-1938 Wife Sarah Margaret MAC LEOD 1886-1944

Kate Johnston MAC LEOD 1904-1980

Murray A. MAC DONALD 1886-1967

Gladys MAC DONALD 1904-1962

John Wayne MAC KAY 1943-1986

Roderick MAC DONALD 1836-1917 and wife

Annie MAC DONALD 1840-1931

George DAUPHNEY Born North Shore 1866-1924 and wife

Katie MAC DONALD Born Indian Brook 1885-1913

Dan John DAUPHNEY May 27 1908-Jan 18-1973

Angus J. DAUPHNEY 1920-1978 and wife

Laura DAUPHNEY 1926-1990

Donald MAC ASKILL July 1 1832- April 19,1921 and wife

Mary MAC LEOD MAC ASKILL May 15,1842-Jan 24,1936

Norman MAC ASKILL 1863-1950 and wife

Mary MAC ASKILL 1886-1964 and sons

Daniel A. and Norman (no dates)

Mac Donald's Memorial Cemetery

Located after INDIAN BROOK and before French River,on the water side
heading north.Easily seen from highway.
                         Mac Donald  TRANSCRIPTIONS

Catherine E. MATHESON   1935-1991
Alexander MORRISON      1901-1985  and  wife
Jean  1905-1974
John A. MORRISON   1928-1995
William DAUPHNEY  1910-1959 and wife
Margaret  d.1919 at age 33
John DAUPHNEY  d.1918  at age 47
Peter DAUPHNEY  1859-1924  and sister
Mary 1859-1940
John Dauphney  1877-1944  and wife
Adeline   1897-1983
Angus A. MATHESON  1850-1928  and wife
Catherine  M. SMITH 1855-1931
Sarah J. HANNAH  1902-1988
Kenneth MAC INNIS  1878-1958 and wife
Catherine  MONTGOMERY  1870- 1925
Donald J. MAC INNIS  1909-1967

Alexander Allister MAC LEOD Jan 1, 1917- Mar 15,1978
Neil J. MAC LEOD  1871-1937 and wife
Rachel  1880-1966 and daughter
Margaret J. 1900-1927
J. Thomas MAC LEOD  1906-1991

Nelson MAC ASKILL  1933-1977
John MAC ASKILL  1893-1949 
Murdock J. MAC INNIS  1888-1973
Catherine Mae MORRISON 1911-1940
Malcolm A.MAC DONALD 1851- 1943 and sons
Alex  1893-1983
Daniel  1890-1914
Sadie MATHESON  1901-1984
Angus MATHESON  1858-1927 and wife
Mary 1870-1946
Sarah MATHESON  1865-1946
William MATHESON 1870-1915
Jimmy MATHESON  1915-1958
Kenneth MATHESON  1910-1930
Roddie MATHESON  1906-1941
Effie MATHESON  1872-1951
Norman MATHESON  1870-1951

Catherine DOWNES 1910-1982
Daniel J. MACASKILL  1858-1928 and wife
Lexie1871-1958  and daughter 
Norma  1915-1933
Rhoda DELTWAS  1937-1992
Robert MAC LEOD  1888-1974 and wife 
Jessie Mary  1899-1990
Donald J. MAC INNIS  1874-1962
Annie MAC INNIS  1866-1935  and son
Collie  1906-1961
John D. MAC INNIS  California CWO 460 base unit AAF WW2  1900-1965
John Norman MAC INNIS  1910-1984 clan historian
Dan W. MAC LEOD  1891-1938
Angus D. MAC LEOD  1856-1942 and wife
Christie  MORRISON  1858-1936
Kate MAC LEOD 1853-1936

Thomas URQUHART June 27 1858-Nov 8,1937 and wife
Christene June 1863-
Alexander Sandy URQUHART 1896-1983 and wife
Catherine 1900-1994
Murdock MAC LEOD  1858-1944 and wife
ANNIE  d. 1934
Kenneth MORRISON  d. 1915 at age 97
Mary MORRISON  d.1923 at age 75
Christie MAC QUEEN  1934  at age 90 wife of
Kenneth MAC QUEEN  1877-1954
Sarah Ann MAC QUEEN  wife of Kenneth MAC QUEEN 1888-1964
Donald John MAC QUEEN  1902-1945
John MAC QUEEN  1872 -1959
Christene Ann MAC QUEEN  d.Dec 24 1915
John N. MAC QUEEN  May 8,1907- June 14,1973
Eleanor MAC QUEEN  1918-1990

John MAC INNIS 1913-1996 and wife 
Mary M.  1919-1993
John A. Mac Donald  1905-1990 And mother  (*)
Christie A. 1913-1994  * (as transcribed)
Angus MAC INNIS  1903-1983 
Ewen Donald MAC ASKILL  1929-1970
Daniel MAC ASKILL  1900-1982 and wife 
Christene 1905-1991
Neil J. MAC AULAY  1886-1964  and sister
Della CAMPBELL  1884-1973

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