These names are for the pictures on the page titled"COLBY SCHOOL #118) and this page. Some names are missing or unknown.If you recognize anyone, kindly let us know.
  Some of the pictures were received by CONNIE CAMPBELL BRAUNMILLER
and the names were supplied by her. OUR MANY THANKS.

        Here are the names for the pictures.

1st Row
 Don (Moose) Morrison, Gary ?. Roy Baker, Andrew
MacLeod, John Turner, Bill Fewer, Creigton Brown, Don
Marks, Lester Penny,
2nd row Elsie Crane, Joan Naish, Ann Lou MacPhail, Kay
Campbell, Louise MacQueen, Marilyn Leith, Betty
Hatcher, Connie Campbell, Sylvia McKnight, Velma
3rd Ilana Lipton, Ada Penny, Betty Bagnell, Betty
Langley, Sheila MacPhee, ?, Eileen Clements, Pearl
MacGibbon, Mary Murphy.

4th row
Don Ripley, Ian Lynk, Dan MacPherson, Roger MacQueen,
Darryl MacKeigan, Ron Murphy, Arthur Somers, Melvin ?,
Peter Murphy, Walter Nichol

2nd picture  Grade 1   1941
1st row
Ron Somers, Arthur Washbrook, Clarence Palmer,
Ceighton Brown, ?, Roy Baker, ?, Don Ripley

2nd Row
 Fred Pledge, Janet Wood, Marilyn Leith, Pearl
McGibbon, Eileen Clements, Ada Penny, Norma Vail,
Betty Hatcher,
? Miller, Carol Miller, Sylvia McKnight
Howie MacDonald, ?, Betty MacPherson, Eleanor
Sheppard, Sheila McPhee, ? Dunn, Velma Butler,Mary
Murphy, Louise MacQueen, Ann Lou McPhail, Connie
4th row
?, ?, Roger MacQueen, Don Marks, ?, Lester Penny,Don
Morrison, Peter Murphy

3rd picture

1st row
Louise MacQueen, Pearl McGibbon, Betty Hatcher, Velma
Butler, Ilana Lipton, Connie Campbell, Elsie Crane,
Shirley ?, Bev Boutilier, Betty MacPherson
2nd row
Sylvai McKnight, Ada Penny, Ann Lou McPhail, Marilyn
Leith, Margaret MacPherson, Kay Campbell, Sheila
McPhee, Geraldine Janes, Joan Naish, Betty Bagnell,
Lea Rae Edwards
3rd row
Creigton Brown, John Turner,Walter MacKinnon, Don
Bishop, John Murphy, Robert Montgomery, ? Brown, Louie
Hillier, Dan MacPherson, Andrew MacLeod, Don (Moose)
Morrison, Gary ?, David Walker