Top picture is the PETERS Family...KIM,KELSEY and CRAIG. Finishing her BA this year at Univ.College of Cape Breton, and B-ed from Univ. of PEI,Kim is heading to a Teaching career and is presently in Australia. Kelsey finishing grade 12 at RIVERVIEW HIGH,COXHEATH,and wants desperately to be on the Olympic Volleyball team.She is heading to Univ.of Cape Breton. Craig finishing his Science at Acadia University,and receiving his B Sc in April,2005. Second picture is KRISTIN LE BLANC,finishing her 3rd year at St.FX University in Antigonish .Presently completing a Medical Tech. course in N.B. BOTTOM PICTURE is the gang from Florida. On the left, NICK CROPPER,in Grade 3 at Sarasota Elementary.Next is Matt Mac Donald,has completed his High School Education in Sarasota. Then comes Liz Mac Donald,presently attending University of Florida in Gainsville,Florida.

Addendum; ( Feb.06) Kelsey attending Univ.of CB in Commerce.Going for her CA.Kim teaching in the CB School Board. Craig in Los Angeles managing a retail store. Matt working in Sarasota, Nick in Grade 5. Kristin has completed her tech course,and will Graduate this month.Has been working at the CB Regional Hospital.

Lloyd with his great grandson Jacob Gordon Macdonald. He was born November 24th, 2006 @ 10:24a.m. He weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces.


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