Those Cape Bretoners who Migrated to New Zealand... 1851-1859

Barque Margaret 1851

Head of Family     No. on board Place from                      additional notes.

H.F Anderson 1 Aberdeen 
Donald Campbell 7 St Ann's 
Kenneth Dingwall 1 St Ann's 
Donald Finlayson Baddeck 
John Fraser Esq 7 St Ann's 
Donald MacGregor 8 St Ann's Glen 
John MacGregor 3 St Ann's 
James MacGregor 3 St Ann's 
Roderick Matheson 1 St Ann's 
Roderick MacGregor 2 St Ann's 
Hugh McInnes 
Alex. McInnes 
James McInnes 3 St Ann's 
John McKay 14 Baddeck 
Roderick McKay Jnr 3 Baddeck 
Miss Martha McRae 7 Middle River 
Roderick McKay Snr 11 Baddeck 
Donald McLeod 9 St Ann's 
John D McLeod 10 St Ann's 
George McLeod 3 St Ann's 
Rev Norman McLeod 8 St Ann's 
John Kerr 1 St Ann's 
Thomas McLeod 1 St Ann's 
John McLeod 1 St Ann's 
Donald Ross Esq 10 St Ann's 
Roderick Ross Esq 
Hector Sutherland 9 St Ann's 
Mrs Watson & Family 

Brig Highland Lass 1852

Catherine Finlayson 1 Baddeck 
John Finlayson 4 Baddeck 
Roderick Finlayson 4 Baddeck 
Roderick Gillis 3 Baddeck                  remained in Adelaide
Napolean Gibbons 1 Sydney 
C.B Returned to N.S
Donald MacDonald 10 Boularderie 
Donald MacDonald 11 Prince Edward Isl remained in Adelaide
Neil MacGregor 2 St Ann's 
Angus McKay 1 Baddeck 
Duncan McKay 5 Baddeck 
Johnathan McKay 1 Baddeck 
Duncan McKenzie 7 Baddeck 
Murdoch McKenzie 7 Baddeck 
Hector McKenzie 4 Baddeck 
John McKenzie 8 Baddeck                   remained in Adelaide
William McKenzie 3 Big Harbour 
Donald McKenzie 5 Big Harbour 
Murdoch McKenzie 5 Big Harbour Died at Adelaide
Roderick McKenzie 1                    remained in Adelaide
Donald McLean 9 Baddeck 
John McLennan 7 Big Harbour 
? McQuarrie 1 Middle River 
Alex McRae 6 Middle River remained in Adelaide
Duncan Matheson 1 Grand River 
Thomas Orman 1 Halifax                   remained in Adelaide
Colin Simson 1 Sydney Mines Lost at Sea
Kenneth Stuart 7 St Ann's Glen 

Barque Gertrude 1856

Alexander Buchanan 8 Big Glen, Baddeck 
Donald Campbell 7 St Ann's 
John Campbell esq Middle River 
Mrs John McRae 3 Middle River 
Neil Campbell 8 St Ann's 
Roderick Campbell 10 Middle River 
John Gillanders 11 Middle River 
Robert Haswell 9 St Ann's 
Robert McDonald 5 St Ann's 
Roderick McDonald 10 St Ann's 
William McDonald 10 St Ann's 
Donald McGregor 2 St Ann's 
John McGregor 2 St Ann's 
Murdoch McGregor 4 St Ann's 
John McInnes 6 Big Glen, St Ann's 
Ewen McInnis 4 St Ann's 
George McKay 5 Laordois, Cape Breton 
Alex. McKenzie 3 Middle River 
Alex. McKenzie 5 St Ann's 
John McLennan 4 Middle River 
Alex. McLeod 5 St Ann's 
Donald McLeod 10 St Ann's 
Kenneth McLeod 5 St Ann's 
Neil McLeod 3 St Ann's 
William McLeod 4 St Ann's 
Donald McMillan 3 St Ann's 
Ebenezer McMillan 2 St Ann's 
John McMillan 4 St Ann's 
Norman McMillan 2 St Ann's 
John Morrison 4 St Ann's 
Aeneas Morrison 4 St Ann's 
John Munro Esq 8 St Ann's 
Donald Munro 1 St Ann's 
Angus Nicholson 8 St Ann's 

Brigantine Spray 1857

Kenneth Campbell 1 Middle River 
A. Cameron 6 Prince Edward Island 
John Duncan 2 Aberdeen 
Alex. Finlayson 5 Baddeck 
G.H. Horne 1                    Antwerp 
Alex. McKenzie 5 St Ann's 
Alex. McKenzie 5 Big Harbour 
Donald McKenzie 8 St Ann's Glen 
Alexander McKenzie 2 St Ann's Glen 
Hugh McKenzie 3 St Ann's Glen 
Kenneth McKenzie 6 
Ewen McLean 1 St Ann's Glen 
Farquhar McLennan 1 Middle River 
Donald McLeod 2 St Ann's 
Robert McNab 2 Baddeck 
William McMillan 2 Baddeck 
Angus Matheson 2 Baddeck 
Duncan Matheson 2 Baddeck 
Matheson Widow 1 St Ann's Glen 
Ann Munro 1                    St Ann's Glen 
Alex. Stuart 3 Big Harbour 
Archibald Stuart 3 Big Harbour 
James Sruart 6 St Ann's Glen 
John Urquhart 1 Boularderie returned to Gairloch

Barque Breadalbane 1857

Roderick Fraser 9 Boularderie 
Roderick Fraser 2 St Ann's 
Kenneth Ferguson 2 Boularderie 
Charles Lewis 1 Prussia 
Alex McAuley 2 Bras d'Or 
Colin McDonald 12 Boularderie 
John McDonald 11 St Ann's 
Norman McDonald 3 Boularderie 
Widow McDonald 7 Big Harbour 
Mrs Roderick McDonald   7 Big Harbour 
John McInnis 2 
Donald McInnis 3 St Ann's 
Malcolm McInnis 2 St Ann's 
Roderick McInnis 4 St Ann's 
Alex. McKenzie 7 Boularderie 
James McKenzie 3 Boularderie 
M.T. McKenzie 6 Boularderie 
William McKenzie 2 Boularderie 
Roderick McKenzie 5 St Ann's 
Donald McLean St Ann's Glen 
Roderick McLean 8 Boularderie 
Murdoch McLennan 5 Boularderie 
Norman McKay 1 
Mary McLean 1 St Ann's Glen 
Alex. McLeod 10 St Ann's 
Donald Morrison 9 St Ann's 
Choan Stuart 2 Big Harbour 
James Sutherland Esq 5 Boularderie 
Hugh Sutherland 2 Boularderie 
Mrs John McInnis 6 St Ann's 

Barque Ellen Lewis 1859

Alex. Campbell 4 St Ann's 
Donald Campbell 3 St Ann's 
Hugh Campbell 7 St Ann's 
Samuel Campbell 5 Broad Cove 
Joseph Elmsley M.D 7 Baddeck 
Mrs Jane Ferguson 5 St Ann's 
James Fraser 8 St Ann's 
John Fraser    6 Boularderie 
Hugh Fraser 2 St Ann's 
Peter Fraser 4 St Ann's 
Allan Gillies 1 Broad Cove 
John Gillies 1 Broad Cove Returned to Nova Scotia
Alex. Kempt 6 Boularderie 
Duncan Kempt 5 Boularderie 
Gregor Kempt 9 Boularderie 
John Kempt 2 Boularderie 
Donald McAuley 3 St Ann's 
Murdoch McAuley 1 Baddeck 
John McBeth 4 Middle River 
John McDonald 4 St Ann's 
Ewen McGregor 9 St Ann's 
John McIsaac 9 Broad Cove 
Archibald McIsaac 1 Broad Cove 
Hector McKay 5 Lake Ainslie 
Murdoch McKenzie 2 St Ann's 
D.H. McKenzie 1 St Ann's 
Hugh McKenzie 4 St Ann's 
William McKenzie 4 Big Harbour 
Kenneth McKenzie 4 
Angus McLean 4 St Ann's B.glen 
Donald McLean 2 St Ann's B. glen 
John McLean 4 St Ann's B. glen 
Archie McLennan 1 Broad Cove 
Donald McLeod 8 St Ann;s Big Glen 
Hugh McLeod 5 St Ann's 
John McLeod 8 St Ann's 
Murdoch McLeod 8 St Ann's 
Murdoch McLeod 1 St Ann's 
Angus McMillan 4 St Ann's 
Archiblad McMillan 4 St Ann's 
Donald McMillan 3 St Ann's 
Neil McPhee 4 St Ann's Big glen 
Roderick McRae 3 Middle River 
Kenneth Matheson 8 St Ann's 
Widow Munro 3 St Ann's 
John Munro 4 St Ann's 
John Munro 3 St Ann's 
John McKenzie 5 Big Harbour 
Hugh McKinnon 1 


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