Indian Brook to Moncton

Isabel (Belle) Mac Donald LINDEN was born in 1886 inIndian Brook, North Shore,Cape Breton. She married Beverley LINDEN from Moncton,and they had the following children; ROBERT - ELIZABETH - EDNA - JOHN - DONALD - MARY Belle was the daughter of Mary & Angus Mac Donald from North Shore,Cape Breton.She died in Moncton in August, 1971.


Elizabeth LINDEN was born in MONCTON,N.B. on August 2,1919.She was married to Robert Mc Cracken wro died in 1954. She married William OLIVER, and they presently live in the USA. Robert McCracken and Elizabeth had 2 children; Alan and David.


17. Isabel(Bella) MAC DONALD (photo) was born on Jun 1 1886 in Indian Brook, North Shore, NS. She died on Aug 17 1971 in Moncton,NB.

She was married to Beverely Montgomery LINDEN in Moncton,N.B.. Beverely Montgomery LINDEN was born on Jan 15 1887. He died on Jan 5 1945. Isabel(Bella) MAC DONALD and Beverely Montgomery LINDEN had the following children:

+31 i. John Angus LINDEN. 32 ii. Mary LINDEN (photo) was born on Sep 6 1910. 33 iii. Edna Georgina LINDEN (photo) was born on Jan 14 1913. She died on Apr 20 1989 in Moncton,NB. +34 iv. Elizabeth Clara LINDEN. +35 v. Robert Wilson LINDEN. +36 vi. Donald Bruce LINDEN.


31. John Angus LINDEN (photo) was born on Nov 21 1908.

He was married to Gladys Mae COATES. Gladys Mae COATES was born on Oct 20 1914. She died on Aug 1 1992 in Moncton,NB. John Angus LINDEN and Gladys Mae COATES had the following children:

61 i. David Hiram LINDEN was born on Aug 8 1941. 62 ii. Gladys Elaine LINDEN was born on Sep 14 1943.


34. Elizabeth Clara LINDEN (photo) was born on Aug 2 1919.

She was married to Robert Wilfrid MC CRACKEN. Robert Wilfrid MC CRACKEN was born on Sep 25 1912. He died on Apr 21 1954. Elizabeth Clara LINDEN and Robert Wilfrid MC CRACKEN had the following children:

+63 i. David William MC CRACKEN. +64 ii. Alan Douglas MC CRACKEN.

She was married to William Joseph OLIVER. William Joseph OLIVER (photo) was born on Oct 29 1929.


35. Robert Wilson LINDEN was born on Mar 29 1924 in Moncton,NB.

He was married to Joan Alice WRIGHT. Joan Alice WRIGHT (photo) was born on Mar 8 1927. Robert Wilson LINDEN and Joan Alice WRIGHT had the following children:

+65 i. Carol Ann LINDEN. +66 ii. Nancy Ruth LINDEN. +67 iii. Joan Elizabeth LINDEN. +68 iv. Beverley Susan LINDEN. 69 v. Janet Heather LINDEN was born on Nov 5 1966.


36. Donald Bruce LINDEN was born on May 17 1937 in Moncton,NB.

He was married to Marie Lucille COTE. Marie Lucille COTE was born on May 19 1938. Donald Bruce LINDEN and Marie Lucille COTE had the following children:

70 i. Mark Allen LINDEN was born on Apr 6 1961. +71 ii. Linda Mary LINDEN. +72 iii. Louise Michelle LINDEN. +73 iv. Robert Bruce LINDEN.

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