42. John ROY was born in 1804 in Old Monkland Parish,Glasgow,Scotland. He emigrated in 1852 from To Abercrombie,Pictou,NS. He was married to Margaret PATTERSON.

43. Margaret PATTERSON was born in 1805. She emigrated in 1852. Children were:

child21 i. Margaret ROY.
child ii. John Robert ROY was born on Dec 10 1823 in Ayrshire,Scotland or Tolcross,Lanarkshire. He emigrated in Sep 1851 from Emigrated to Albion Mines (Stellarton) NS. He died on Oct 19 1895 in Westville,NS.
child iii. Robert ROY.
child iv. Janet ROY was born in 1829 in Scotland. She died on May 30 1903 in Stellarton,NS.
child v. James ROY died on Sep 11 1909 in Westville,NS. He was born 1834 Mar 5 in Palais Craig, Scotland.
child vi. Anna (Annie) ROY was born in 1838 in Scotland. She died in 1919.
child vii. William ROY was born in 1840. He died in 1918 in British Columbia,Canada.
child viii. Agnes Hamilton ROY was born on Mar 6 1848 in Bradisholm,Lanark,Scotland. She was baptized on Apr 16 1848. She died in Boston, USA.
child ix. David ROY was born on Dec 8 1845 in Coatbridge,Lanark,Scotland. He was baptized on Dec 21 1845 in Old Monkland Church,Lanark, Scotland. He died on Oct 20 1846 in Coatbridge,Scotland.
child x. Elizabeth ROY was born on Jan 27 1843 in Dundyvan, Lanark,Scotland. She was baptized on Mar 19 1843 in Old Monkland Church,Lanark,Scotland. She died on Oct 8 1844 in Scotland.

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