30. Thomas URQUHART was born in 1817 in Lochbroom,Rosshire,Scotland. (16) Known as Thomas "MOR" (big) Urquhart When Kate Mac Donald died while giving birth to Alexander,the 1st child, Thamas married Mary MAC LEOD who gave birth to John & Mary The Rev.James E. Fraser in 1979 family tree places marriage in 1814 or 1815.Also claims the family sailed from Stornoway in a 3 masted brig,landed at Big Bras D'or,was granted 100 acres and cleared 50 acres where St.James church nor stands. 4 years later they moved to BRETON COVE and received a 200 acre grant Settled in FRENCH RIVER,CB according to 1838 census. The 1838-41 census shows 3 children at that time (McConnell Library Census book)#929 He was married to KATE MAC DONALD ? in Scotland.

31. KATE MAC DONALD was born in 1836. Children were:

child15 i. Mary URQUHART.
child ii. ALEXANDER URQUHART was born ? in Loch Broom,Scotland.

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