13. John HENDERSON was born in 1846 in Scotland. He died on Mar 7 1924 in Westville, NS.

He was married to Ester MAC LEOD on Jan 2 1867. Ester MAC LEOD was born on Jan 2 1867. John HENDERSON and Ester MAC LEOD had the following children:

child62 i. Ellen HENDERSON was born on Oct 23 1867 in Westville, NS.
child63 ii. James HENDERSON was born in 1869 in Westville, NS.
child64 iii. John Angus HENDERSON was born in 1871 in Westville,NS. He died in 1874 in Westville (fire).
child+65 iv. Margaret HENDERSON.
child66 v. Christina HENDERSON was born in 1877 in Westville ,NS.
child67 vi. Elizabeth HENDERSON was born in 1880 in Westville.
child68 vii. Jane HENDERSON was born in 1885 in Westville ,NS.
child69 viii. Ester HENDERSON was born in 1886 in Westville,NS.

He was married to Margaret HAYMAN (daughter of William HAYMAN and Euphemia) in 1909. John HENDERSON and Margaret HAYMAN had the following children:

child70 i. Audrey HENDERSON.

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